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Cleaning & Check-up

Cleaning & Check-up

A healthy mouth starts with regular checkups and cleanings. It’s never too late to start!


What should I expect at my cleaning?

Every time you come to Endres Dental Care in Burtonsville, MD, you’ll receive a warm greeting and a smile from our team at the front desk. They’ll make sure we have your medical history up to date and then one of our great assistants will escort you to your treatment room. With your permission the assistant will take any necessary x-rays and then introduce you to one of our skilled hygienists. The hygienist will gently clean any plaque and tartar from your teeth, polish your teeth to a smooth shine, and give you some tips and tricks to help you keep your smile healthy until your next cleaning. Once your teeth are cleaned, Dr. Endres or Dr. Nicholas will come in for your checkup. The doctor will thoroughly examine your teeth to make sure they are perfectly healthy and then they will be happy to answer any questions you might have. We’ll get you set up for another cleaning 6-months later so you don’t forget to stay on a regular schedule and then we’ll get you on your way with the rest of your day.


How often do I need a cleaning?

The short answer is twice a year or every 6 months. If you have no history of gum disease then two cleanings per year should be enough as long as you do a good job brushing and flossing twice a day. For our patients who suffer from chronic periodontal (gum) disease, we recommend cleanings every 3-4 months in order to prevent the gum infection from returning. Every person’s gum health is different so your dentist and hygienist will work with you to decide what is the best frequency to keep your gums healthy.


Do I need x-rays?

You don’t need x-rays every time you come to the dentist. We recommend cavity-detecting x-rays (bitewings) once a year because they allow us to see any cavities between your teeth where we can’t see with the naked eye. If you have other specific concerns we will likely take an X-ray of the area to fully assess the problem before recommending how to fix it. Don’t worry, our modern digital x-rays use a tiny fraction of the radiation that the old film x-rays used to. And fun fact, a flight from New York to Los Angeles exposes you to much more radiation than a full set of dental X-rays.


Can I get treatment done the same day as my cleaning?

Of course. We’re always happy to help you get more done at your appointments because we know everyone has a busy schedule. When you call to schedule your cleaning, just let our front desk team know what you would like to get done in addition to your cleaning and they will block out extra time for you.


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