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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening


You deserve to love your smile. Whiter, brighter teeth are possible and we want to help you feel more confident about your smile with simple and easy teeth whitening.

A smile is so much more than just pretty teeth. A smile that you are proud of gives you a whole new level of confidence and when you feel good you experience life in a completely different way. Discoloration and darkening of teeth happens naturally over your lifetime based on age and the types of things you eat and drink. You don’t need to feel bad about your tooth color, it’s natural. But you also don’t need to live with teeth you aren’t happy with. Teeth whitening is the most conservative, cheapest, and quickest way to alter the esthetics of your teeth. Just like a fresh coat of paint changes the entire look of a house, teeth whitening brightens your entire smile.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

Studies show that people like other people who smile and you are much more likely to smile throughout your day if you are happy with how your teeth look. Teeth whitening brightens your smile without needing to make any other changes and the simple difference of whiter teeth can make teeth of any shape or size more attractive and give you more confidence. Confidence in your smile creates a butterfly effect that leads to confidence and happiness in all parts of life.


Why are my teeth dark, discolored, or stained?

Teeth change color over time for a number of reasons. The most common reason is simply age because as time goes on more of the internal color of the teeth, which is more of a yellow, shows through. Several foods or drinks also are a common cause of significant discoloration including tea, coffee, red wine, and some spices. In more rare cases, events during tooth development in childhood can cause severe discoloration.


Will teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

The type of teeth whitening we use for our patients is gentle and should not cause sensitivity. Some patients experience sensitivity for a day or two if they misread the instructions and allow the bleach to sit on their teeth for too long, but this sensitivity always goes away. Other whitening methods such as Zoom or those that use a bright UV light have been shown to cause tooth sensitivity, which is why we do not recommend them. The studies actually show that a UV light does not make teeth any whiter at all, it only increases sensitivity.


How do I whiten my teeth at home?

If you want to try some at-home teeth whitening first, there are several options. Whitening toothpastes can help but be careful using them long-term because they are incredibly abrasive and can even cause darkening by wearing down your enamel. You can try brushing with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide (but cut it in half with water to reduce to 1.5% instead of the normal 3%), or apple cider vinegar. Unfortunately, most of these remedies will probably leave you wanting more. White strips are a safe alternative that can be used to temporarily whiten teeth but the results often don’t last longer than a few days. Other than professional teeth whitening, the best things you can do to keep your teeth white are to avoid foods or drinks that are likely to cause staining and to have good brushing and flossing habits.


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