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Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions

If you need a tooth removed, you’re in the right place. We like saving teeth but sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted so when it’s necessary we make sure you have a comfortable experience.

Tooth extraction (pulling a tooth) is usually a very fast process. The most important part to us is making sure you are comfortable. For that reason, we use plenty of local anesthesia to make sure the tooth doesn’t feel a thing and we can even use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or mild sedation if you choose. We also care that you recover properly so we will give you the proper pain medication or antibiotics if needed and we will thoroughly explain all of the instructions on how to ensure that the area heals quickly.


Extracted molar tooth in dentist's hand


Does a tooth extraction hurt?

No, a tooth extraction should not hurt. Today’s modern local anesthetics like articaine/septocaine are much more effective than old school novocaine, and we use as much as needed so your tooth is 100% numb. We will never keep working if you are in pain.


Why do I need a tooth extracted?

The simplest reason why a tooth needs to be extracted is that it is not fixable. If there is any chance to fix and save a tooth then we will do so, but sometimes a tooth is just beyond repair. A tooth can be unfixable for many reasons. The most common reasons why a tooth needs to be extracted are because of a large cavity, a large infection, a broken tooth beyond repair, or severe gum disease. If you do need to have a tooth extracted, it is best to begin the process or replacing it with a dental implant or dental bridge immediately for the best results.


When are wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth removed for most people in their late teens or early 20s. The majority of people should have their wisdom teeth removed because wisdom teeth will cause one or more problems later in life and it is a much easier experience to remove them when you are young than when you are older. We will recommend a good time to have wisdom teeth removed usually between ages 15-25 and unless there is an active infection, the procedure can be delayed and scheduled for any time that is convenient for you. We usually work with a local oral surgeon for routine wisdom teeth extractions and all of our patients for the last 20 years have been very pleased with their experience.


How can I prevent a dry socket?

A dry socket occurs when the blood clot falls out before the tooth socket heals. When a tooth is extracted, a blood clot forms in the hole where the tooth root once was and this blood clot is like a scab for the socket as it heals. During the first 1-2 weeks after an extraction, the blood clot is fragile and can easily be pulled out by several common activities so it is important to be very gentle with the area as it heals.

For 1-2 weeks after an extraction:

  • DO NOT spit, the force can cause the clot to dislodge
  • DO NOT use a straw to drink, the suction can remove the clot
  • DO NOT smoke, the chemicals can damage the clot
  • Eat on the other side and stick to softer foods
  • Use good oral hygiene to keep your mouth clean
  • Follow all other post-op instructions given by the doctor

A dry socket will usually cause severe pain that comes on out of nowhere 3-5 days after an extraction. If you think you have a dry socket, call the office and we will see you to evaluate and recommend any measures to help with the discomfort.


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