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“How we approach dentistry is pretty simple. Treat our patients how we want to be treated ourselves.”

Anahit H.

Practice Manager

Hi there, I'm Anahit,

My story began in Armenia where I graduated Dental School before relocating to the United States. While my license didn't cross the ocean with me, my skills and knowledge for sure did. I've working at Nicholas Dental Care, now Endres Dental Care fro over 15 years. I truly love this profession. It is that passion for dentistry and education lead me to become director and instructor at Dental Assistant School of Maryland.

I own a Floral Design Business, Viva La Flora Designs. Amazingly, it was dentistry that lead me to flowers. I found myself drawn to the bright floral arrangements that arrived at the office regularly. Each week I would redesign the flowers to suit my personal taste which allowed me to experiment and explore my newfound interest without being bound by rules or restrictions. You should've seen the look on the driver's face, every time he came to pick up the old arrangement to replace with the new one...  true story. 

I also am creative director and host of Viva La Flora Live podcast. What can I say, I like to stay active and busy. 

When I'm not geeking out about dentistry or flowers, I like to travel and explore new places, new people and new restaurants. I may or may not be a bit of a foodie ;)

My absolute favorite, above all, is hanging out with my husband and our Bengal kitten Flöki!

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Great dental care doesn't happen by accident. Behind every smile is our dedicated team of professionals that takes pride in treating everyone with kindness, respect, and patience. 

Just know that whatever you need, we are here for you.

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